Leadership and Personal Development


A satellite of Vision International University that offers more than 30 certificate and degree programs for a greatly reduced price for individuals looking to increase their leadership capacity and preparedness



Whether you’re a business leader, CEO, pastor, or simply are finding your place, you have influence. Every day you impact those around you through your influence– for better or worse.  For that reason, and so many more, take the time to invest in your leadership, your influence intentionally by attending the annual Global Leadership Summit at sites all around the nation– including the Art Tatum Zone at the Tabernacle. 

Connect with life transforming content and with other leaders from your community and discuss ways that you and others can create a lasting impact by working together in your sphere of influence.


YOUR LEADERSHIP MATTERS …and it matters now more than ever. How are you using it?

  • Get your infusion of actionable leadership insights & inspiration
  • Learn from a diverse world-class faculty
  • Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your community
  • Join with people from 135+ countries and 60+ languages who attend the Summit around the world

The Global Leadership Summit is proud to bring you a high-quality local experience simulcast in HD from the Willow Creek campus on Thursday-Friday, August 4-5, 2022.

The benefits of attending at our location include:

  • Networking opportunities with leaders from our community
  • Reduced cost and time spent on travel
  • Grow and learn with your team in a setting close to home

Register HERE https://link.globalleadership.org/reg/guest/?siteId=719068


For those that attend the Global Leadership Summit, save the date for the follow up discussion to be held at the Toledo Art Museum on Friday, August 20 from 8:30am to 10:30am..  The goal is to take what was shared on leadership at GLS and talk about how we apply those lessons to addressing community issues  – how do our city’s leaders make a difference today for a better tomorrow?

GLS Follow Up Discussion August 20, 8:30-10:30am, Toledo Art Museum