Our Story

What is the Art Tatum Zone?

The Art Tatum Zone is a not-for-profit neighborhood revitalization organization that shares its vision and leadership with the Tabernacle church. The Art Tatum Zone exists to improve the human condition one person at a time, one family at a time, one block at a time. At the heart of the work is bringing tangible acts of love to bear through a strategic and systematic approach to offering programs and services to those in need. 


The Art Tatum Zone exists to create a comprehensive, integrated framework of programs and services that will serve to bring hope and help to children and families.  The work will be built upon a foundation of existing strengths and assets within the zone to help transform a community guaranteeing that children, youth, and their families achieve academic excellence, family and housing stability and economic self-sufficiency. We seek to transform our community through bold acts of love. 



The vision of the Art Tatum Zone is to create a healthy and safe community where every child excels and every family succeeds, and where every community member is self-sufficient living in a neighborhood that they are proud to call their permanent home. 

Dr. Calvin Sweeney

 I am energized when I see lives changed by love’s transformational power.  It’s what wakes me up every morning.

Christine Sweeney
Executive Director

I know what it feels like to feel isolated and forgotten.  I get up everyday to do the work to see children and individuals in our community connected to one another, and excited and empowered to be a part of a loving, safe, and vibrant community that plants seeds of hope within their hearts. Everyone deserves that no matter where they are born and where they live. 

Warick Goodwin
Special Project Management and Staff Development

My greatest joy working with families and the community is seeing transformation– to see families transformed, and students excited about the future. My role is to lead the special projects that help propel us towards that physical transformation and to equip and develop our staff to carry out that vision.

Kendra Kec
Supervisor, Community Learning Center

The appreciation and love from the kids we serve at the community learning centers makes every minute worth it.  I love watching each child progress, and every now and then, I get to see a smile under a mask.

Aloee Jackson
Supervisor, Learn to Earn Program

It’s meaningful to give them (the students) the resources and tools that they will need to be successful adults.

Andrew Howard
Supervisor, Hope Center

 I enjoy seeing the look on the volunteers’ faces and the faces of the folks that come to the Hope Center.  The joy it brings other people is really the joy it brings to me.

Dewey Foster
LTE Business Liason

 I’m excited about helping others. Someone helped me along the way. God put people in my path, and so I want to help others along their path.